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Drafting Of Year-End Statutory / Tax Accounts

We draft, to professional standards, year-end statutory and/or tax accounts for owner-managed businesses of various types - be it sole traders, partnerships or private limited companies, across a wide spectrum of businesses (but see  WHAT WE SPECIALISE IN for the types of business in which we have a stronghold interest).    As part of this service, once we have produced a first draft of the accounts, we meet with the majority of our clients so that we can discuss:

  • Any 'rough corners' with a view to squaring them off properly, so that we can be assured that the accounts are complete and accurate in all material respects, and thus you can rely on them for the purposes of appraising your business, raising and maintaining sources of finance, and completing statutory tax returns.

  • The financial position and performance of the business in respect of the year under review, and generally appraise the financial aspects of your business.

  • The strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the business.

  • Ways in which the business could grow and develop moving forward (for those clients that have this as their objective).


At the end of the process you will be presented with a professionally prepared hard-copy document that we believe clients should cherish as part of their history of being in business.  You can then use this document not only as a record of your achievement, but also to raise and maintain sources of finance should you need to, and also use the document to go about completing your statutory tax returns (a task which we normally also undertake on your behalf - see further below).

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