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Drafting Of Year-End Tax Returns:

We get involved in attending to the following types of self-assessment tax returns:

  • Corporation tax

  • Partnership tax

  • Personal tax

  • Trust tax (both short-term Estate administration Trusts and longer-term Trusts)

We have the expertise and software at our disposal to accurately draft and submit all the above types of tax returns online to HM Revenue & Customs on an efficient basis.  Naturally, as part of the process, we advise our clients in respect of claiming tax reliefs that are relevant to their circumstances.  Moreover, at the end of the process, we advise our clients of their arising tax position and, in the event their cash flow means they are not in a position to pay any taxes when they fall due for payment, we can advise clients of their options.

With the risk of HM Revenue & Customs late-filing and late-payment penalties applying, which can easily escalate out of control if you are not careful, what not CONTACT US and let us take the headache of completing a self-assessment tax return away from you!

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